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Amazon to unveil latest Kindle on Wednesday


Amazon to unveil latest Kindle on Wednesday

Kelly MacNeil September 27, 2011

The Amazon Kindle has gone a long way to revolutionize the general public reads books, and on Wednesday they are expected to take things to the next level. The company will unveil the latest model, the Kindle Fire, at a press conference in New York City, and the new product will be available to ship sometime in early November, Tech Crunch reports.

The device is a departure from the original Kindle, launching Amazon into the tablet computer market. For starters its 7-inch backlit display will resemble an iPad or Blackberry Playbook more than Amazon's original e-reader, and it will offer much more than just books.

According to the website, Amazon has been inching closer to a deal with Fox that would provide TV shows and movies on a streaming service to the Kindle Fire. Additionally, readers may also have the option to purchase magazines and MP3s.

The release of the Kindle Fire could have a big impact on the tablet market as a whole. Some industry analysts believe that Apple will release key details about the iPad 3 in the coming months as it gets set to roll out the iPhone 5. Although the Kindle Fire may offer more than its predecessor, it is still far behind the iPad in terms of applications and other programs, and International Business Times reports that it likely will not be enough to draw loyal Apple customers away from the company.

One thing is for sure, howeve – that the tablet market as a whole is continuing to surpass PCs, with a growth rate around 350 percent over the last year.

"Generation Y has an altogether different view of client devices than older generations," analyst Ranjit Atwal told the IBT.