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Afghan gunman kills one, wounds another at Kabul CIA base

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Afghan gunman kills one, wounds another at Kabul CIA base

Jorge Hernandez September 26, 2011

One American was killed and another was injured inside a CIA office in Kabul late Sunday when an Afghan employee working for the U.S. government opened fire. The shooting underscores growing concerns about security inside U.S.-operated bases ahead of the planned drawdown of American forces, MSNBC reports.

The shooting comes less than a month after the compound was under siege for 20 hours and just days before the assassination of former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani. The shooting is especially troubling given the fact that the office lies in one of the most heavily fortified parts of Kabul and is nearly impossible for everyday Afghan citizens to enter.

Investigators are still probing the incident to find out whether the shooter, who was killed by security, was a wayward employee who had turned over to the insurgency, or whether it was a shooting related to an argument not pertaining the U.S. occupation.

In addition to gaps in security, the shooting highlights what could be perceived as a lack of trust between the United States and its growing number of Afghan employees.

"This is a big security concern for the Americans and it shows they can't fully trust their Afghan staff," Waheed Mujhda of the Afghan Analytical and Advisory Center told the news source. "But the Americans never want to accept that there are serious trust and cooperation issues and they have encountered that in their security operations with Afghan forces."

According to The Wall Street Journal, this isn't the first time a CIA base has been struck by an attacker. In 2009, seven officials were killed when a Jordanian informant set off a powerful bomb during a meeting.