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Execution of Texas man halted pending Supreme Court review

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Execution of Texas man halted pending Supreme Court review

Jorge Hernandez September 16, 2011

The execution of a man from Texas has been at least temporarily delayed after the U.S. Supreme Court said it would review his case. Duane Buck,who is black, was set to die by lethal injection after being convicted of double murder, but some believe his sentencing was unfairly influenced by his race, MSNBC reports.

The appeals were based on a testimony by a psychologist at Buck's trial which said that black people were more likely to commit violence if they were released than other races. The case was reviewed in 2000 by Texas' top attorney who found that it should be looked at more closely due to the statements.

The case brings capital punishment in Texas to the forefront once again as its governor Rick Perry continues his run to the White House. Since he's been in charge of the Lone Star state, Perry has overseen 235 criminals put to death, and at least one, the 2004 death of Cameron Todd Willingham, raised serious doubts.

However, Perry has been steadfast in his support of the death penalty, even eliciting cheers from the crowd at a recent GOP debate when his history with capital punishment was read by moderator Brian Williams.

The execution of Buck is not the only case in the country that is up the air. According to AFP, Troy Davis is scheduled to die in Georgia on September 21 for the killing of a police officer, but there have been many doubts surrounding the case since a number of witnesses have since recanted their testimony and no murder weapon was ever found. Human rights groups have been working furiously to get the state to commute his sentence so far to no avail.