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Weiner’s seat goes to GOP


Weiner’s seat goes to GOP

Adam Russett September 14, 2011

Anthony Weiner, who vacated his seat in the House of Representatives following a scandal involving lewd pictures, has been replaced by Republican Bob Turner in a special election that took place yesterday in New York's 9th Congressional District. The win by the GOP is seen by some to be an indication about President Obama's chances of being reelected come November of 2012, according to CNN.

"We've asked the people of this district to send a message to Washington, and I hope they hear it loud and clear," Turner said during his election party in Queens, according to the news source. "Mr. President, you are on the wrong track."

The race between Turner and his opponent, Democrat David Weprin, lasted throughout the summer and was very heated. Preliminary results indicate that Turner won 54 percent of the vote, while Weprin won the other 46 percent.

One of the main tenets of Turner's platform was the U.S. attitude toward Israel, something that may have won him a large portion of votes from New York's large Jewish population. The district represented by Weiner and now Turner, which covers Brooklyn and Queens, is home to one of the strongest Jewish communities in the nation. During his victory party, he took the stage with a backdrop of Israeli and American flags, and a number of those in attendance were Orthodox Jews.

In Nevada, Republicans saw another win, albeit much less surprising than the upset in New York. There, Republican Mark Amodei defeated Democrat Kate Marshall in a district that has routinely been represented by a member of the GOP, according to The Los Angeles Times.

However, the win in Nevada may also spell trouble for the Obama administration. During the 2008 Presidential Election, Obama won Nevada by 12 points, helping him secure one of several typically Republican states.