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Two suspected terrorists detained in Berlin

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Two suspected terrorists detained in Berlin

Jorge Hernandez September 8, 2011

German police have detained two men who they believe were conspiring to commit an act of terrorism, according to the Associated Press. The arrests come just days before the 10th anniversary of September 11 and just after a bombing in New Delhi that left 11 people dead.

The apartments of the two men were searched by Berlin police, who had been watching the pair for several months prior to the arrests. One of the suspects was 24 years old and of Lebanese descent, while the other was 28 and hailed from Gaza, according to the news source.

In addition to their apartments, the Islamic center where the two were often seen was searched. "They are searching for chemical substances that can be used to make an explosive device," Berlin police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf said, according to the news source.

Police were alerted to potential terrorists after two chemical companies contacted authorities regarding individuals who had purchased a questionable amount of chemicals. Afterward, police put the men on surveillance for approximately two months.

According to the news source, German officials claim to have ended six potential attacks since September 11.

The recent bombing in India took place outside New Delhi's High Court. Currently, authorities in the nation have not been able to determine who carried out the attack, according to Bloomberg.

"I appeal to the house and the people of the country that we must remain resolute and united," Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram told India's Parliament, the news source. "We should never be intimidated by terrorist groups, we are determined to track down the perpetrators of this horrific crime and bring them to justice."

With the anniversary of September 11 happening over the weekend, many countries are in a heightened state of alertness.