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AP poll shows approval of Congress at all-time low


AP poll shows approval of Congress at all-time low

Adam Russett August 26, 2011

There is certainly plenty of blame to go around following the debt crisis, but the American people are pointing the finger at one group in particular – Congress. A new poll finds that congressional approval is at an all-time low, and Republicans are feeling the brunt of the distrust, the Associated Press reports.

The survey, conducted by the AP and marketing group GfK between August 18 and 22, found that congressional approval was at 12 percent. The harsh findings are down considerably from a June poll which had the approval level at 21 percent.

The the public's view of the Tea Party, which caused a stir during the debt ceiling debate by refusing to compromise, is on the decline. According to the news source, unfavorable views of the movement have grown by 10 percent in less than a year, and 32 percent of respondents reported have a deeply unfavorable view.

The changing feelings may be in response to the reluctance of Republican leadership to soften on proposed taxes on the wealthiest Americans as a way to help reduce the deficit. Most voters, regardless of party affiliation, seem to agree that some compromise is necessary.

"Elect those who are willing to make compromise on both sides of the hall," Laurie Lewis, a Rutgers University professor and a Democrat, told the AP. "I don't think it's smart to say throw out everyone."

What this means for the upcoming Presidential election remains to be seen, of course. The growing frustration with the Tea Party may come back to hurt Michele Bachmann, who has been a favorite among the small-government crowd.