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Christine O’Donnell defends interview walk-out


Christine O’Donnell defends interview walk-out

Adam Russett August 19, 2011

Christine O'Donnell had dropped out of the public eye since losing her bid for the Delaware Senate seat in 2010, but she has reemerged and is causing a stir once again. The Tea Party favorite recently walked off an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan, and recently told reporters why.

The 41-year-old O'Donnell appeared on NBC's Today show on Friday, and said she thought Morgan's line of questioning was "inappropriate" and "borderline creepy." The tape might suggest otherwise, however.

O'Donnell was on Morgan's show to promote her new book, Troublemaker, and he pressed her on a few questions he claimed had been outlined in her book. The question that set her off the most, however, was when he asked her for her thoughts on gay marriage. Morgan contended that it was a pertinent issue since she made it one in her failed run to the Senate, but O'Donnell thought the query was rude.

"He put me in a position that was very awkward and very uncomfortable and we were late, I'm getting the wrap up signal off camera," O'Donnell told Today show. She added that she thinks Morgan is exaggerating the story for a ratings boost.

The walk-off came after O'Donnell hung up on a radio interviewer in Utah. That interview saw host Bill Allred asking her questions about the margin of victory in the Delaware Republican primary last year. She never called the show back, but her publicist said it was a bad phone connection.

However, the Huffington Post reports that the shows producer believes that it was all just a cover because her team could tell they weren't very big supporters of her cause.