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With Perry, another hopeful Texan


With Perry, another hopeful Texan

Adam Russett August 15, 2011

We've had a number of Presidents who have hailed from the Lone Star state, from George W. Bush and his father to Lyndon Johnson, but that's not to say that any have had ringing similarities. The only real characteristics shared by all the men was that they were openly aggressive and ambitious, according to The Texas Tribune

Government professor Bruce Buchanan believes that Rick Perry's strengths are the same ones that were found in Bush when he ran for President in the 2000 elections.

"[Bush] had a combination of a good record as governor," Buchanan told the publication. "He had executive experience in a large state. He had the kind of personal style and track record on issues important to Republicans that made him appealing on that basis."

That's not to say that Perry's ride to the Republican nomination – and possibly the White House – will be a smooth one. There are many hurdles in front of him, especially since he waited so long to declare his candidacy.

He has already stirred controversy among some conservatives because he instated a mandatory vaccination of girls for the HPV virus in order to stop the condition from spreading. While he had previously defended his decision, he more recently recoiled from it.

"The new comments about the HPV decision amount to an acknowledgment that Perry has to deal early with controversies that could otherwise dog him in his primary fight against U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, a Tea Party darling who is running strong in first-test Iowa, and Mitt Romney, a well-funded candidate with strong establishment backing and the ex-governor of New Hampshire’s neighbor, Massachusetts," a separate article from The Tribune reports.

When he initially signed the executive order for the vaccination, conservatives accused him of taking control away from parents (despite the fact that a consent form was involved) and promoting sexual promiscuity.