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Chimp attack victim reveals new face


Chimp attack victim reveals new face

nickj August 11, 2011

More than two years after losing her hands, eyes and nose in a savage attack by her friend's chimpanzee, Charla Nash is on her way to a stunning recovery. She underwent a groundbreaking face transplant surgery back in May and now, just over two months later, her new face is beginning to heal.

Nash recently unveiled her new look to the Today show and her family says that the surgery has given them all hope for the future. Though she is still not strong enough to give an on camera interview, she told the news source that she is beginning to feel her jaw and can smile.

Nash's daughter Brianna spoke with Ann Curry about the rapid progress that her mother is making is nothing short of remarkable, adding how nice it is to see her make expressions.

"It's just good to see such rapid progress and the happiness that wasn’t there before," she told Curry. "A new hope has sparked. It's so nice to see her at it again."

The surgery took 20 hours and was performed by a 30-member team at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. The team also attempted to give Nash new hands, but complications from surgery and pneumonia meant they had to remove them.

The attack that disfigured Nash took place in February 2009 when Nash went over to friend Sandra Herold's Stamford, Connecticut, house to try to calm her pet chimp. Instead, it turned on Nash and began the savage attack.

Nash, 58, currently lives in a rehabilitation center outside of Boston and is expected to regain her sense of smell.