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One dead as Parliament recalled to address growing London riots

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One dead as Parliament recalled to address growing London riots

Jorge Hernandez August 9, 2011

As riots spread throughout London for a third straight day, law enforcement officials and Member of Parliament grappled with how to quell the growing violence. BBC News reports that more than 16,000 police are ready to patrol the area and could use plastic bullets to subdue rioters for the first time in English history.

The escalation in violence culminated recently when a 26-year-old man was found shot in his car and later died from his wounds. Additionally, at least 525 people have been arrested in connection with the melee, including three people who may be charged with attempted murder in the assault of a police officer.

In an effort to send a message to the rioters, Parliament will be recalled on Thursday, and and Prime Minister David Cameron cut his Italian vacation short to condemn the actions, saying that anybody arrested "will feel the full force of the law."

What was once contained to sections of London has spread to the surrounding areas as well. According to the news source, similar copycat riots have sprung up in Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Bristol.

Monday was the worst day so far, with looters running rampant throughout the capital city, and people starting fires at buildings and tram lines.

"Our community has been hurt and damaged by causeless violence," London resident Catherine Holmes told the BBC. "We spoke to looters trying to get home – the only explanation they gave for their behavior was that they had no money."

The violence began on Saturday in Tottenham after protesters gathered to voice their displeasure over the shooting death of an umarmed man, Mark Duggan.