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Manhunt underway for armed and dangerous Dougherty siblings

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Manhunt underway for armed and dangerous Dougherty siblings

Jorge Hernandez August 9, 2011

The three Florida siblings who have been on the run for a week are apparently armed and dangerous police say, and likely have a large arsenal of weapons with them. The whereabouts of Ryan Dougherty, 21, Lee Grace Dougherty, 29, and their half-brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26 are currently unknown, and Florida officials believe they could be anywhere.

ABC News reports that the manhunt began on August 2 when a police officer tried to pull them over for speeding. After firing several shots at the officer's car, they allegedly went on to rob a bank in Georgia before fleeing. The day began when Ryan Dougherty, a registered sex offender after having sent lewd text messages to an 11-year-old girl, broke free of his ankle monitoring device.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office recently released video of the initial encounter, and it suggests that the trio may have been trying to kill the officer, rather than disable his car. The tape clearly shows that they fired a high-powered weapons, and reports surfaced of Lee Grace Dougherty using an Uzi in their bank robbery.

"They have no fear of shooting anybody and so that is the one thing we want to make sure the public understands, that these are three violent individuals," Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told reporters.

The release of the dashboard camera video comes alongside the revelation that the Dougherty gang likely had a big stash of weapons in their home. CBS News reports police searched their home and they had a large underground bunker system. Most of the siblings are career criminals as well, with Ryan having 14 felony arrests to his name and his sister being wanted for a hit-and-run battery.