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Happy birthday, Obama


Happy birthday, Obama

Adam Russett August 4, 2011

It's been a rough time to have a birthday, especially if you're the President of the United States. Barack Obama just finished what was a long and wearying process on all accounts trying to come up with a debt deal and the end result was something that didn't make anyone smile, Republican or Democrat.

That didn't stop him from celebrating his birthday and indulging in a few burgers and beers with aides, according to The Guardian. The big celebration was at a fundraiser at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, where seats cost up to $38,500.

Despite the draining month that he recently left behind him, Obama managed a few jokes to his supporters. Noting that he was turning 50, he speculated that, "By the time "I wake up, I'll have an email from AARPasking me to call President Obama and tell him to protect Medicare."

Singer and American Idol winner Jennifer Hudson took to the stage, along with jazz great Herbie Hancock and the rock band OK Go. And, of course, a rendition of Happy Birthday was a key to the festivities.

What did Obama want more than anything else for his birthday? A debt deal, he recently told NPR. He touched on the mixed sentiment that the agreement roused, but also reminded supporters that the debate outlined just how different each party's approach was to the budget.

"We've already seen over the last week just how different the two visions are in terms of which direction we should take the country," he said. "This is really important moment in our history." He added, "the 2012 election… in some ways may be more important than the last one."

Obama will spend the rest of the weekend in Maryland at his Camp David retreat.