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Australia collar bomb revealed to be a fake

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Australia collar bomb revealed to be a fake

Jorge Hernandez August 4, 2011

The bizarre story of an 18-year-old Australia girl who had a bomb strapped to her neck yesterday keeps getting stranger. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the bomb was a very elaborate hoax, but investigators are still trying to determine who is to blame, and most importantly – why they did it.

The first indication that something was wrong came around 2:30 p.m., when police received a call that Madeleine Pulver was at home with a collar bomb strapped around her neck. She told investigators that a man in a balaclava forced his way into her home and made her sit while he affixed the device.

It would be nearly 10 hours before Pulver was freed from the spurious device, and although the suspect left a note of demands, but it offers very few clues as to why he targeted the high school senior.

One of the few hints at the motive may be the signature of the note left with the fake bomb. The Herald reports that the note was signed Dirk Struan – the principal character in the 1996 novel Tai-Pan, who attempts to use violence and other means as a way to defeat his business rival.

Though physically safe, some experts wonder what psychological effect the ordeal could have on Pulver. However, despite their concerns, her parents have said that she is coping with the mental anguish especially well, and despite being a bit sore, she is doing okay.

''She is a little tired, a little sore from holding this damned device in place for about 10 hours,'' her father Bill Pulver told the news source. ''I can tell you that we as parents are extraordinarily proud of Maddie."