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Hosni Mubarak trial begins in Egypt

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Hosni Mubarak trial begins in Egypt

Jorge Hernandez August 3, 2011

The trial of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak began on Wednesday with the disgraced leader pleading not guilty to all charges including corruption and complicity. MSNBC reports that prosecutors accuse Mubarak of being an accomplice to the murder of peaceful protesters earlier in the year and taking gifts from prominent businessmen.

Mubarak's appearance seemed to confirm suspicions that the 83-year-old may be suffering from cancer. He was wheeled into the cage to enter his plea resting on a hospital bed. Still, while reports painted him as looking pale and tired, he was alert and aware of the proceedings, often stretching to catch a glimpse of what was going on.

Mubarak is just one of 10 people, including his two sons, who are facing charges stemming from the massive uprising that rocked Egypt earlier this year and sparked a series of similar protests in the Middle East. The revolt went on for 18 days in February and culminated in Mubarak being ousted from power after 29 years in charge.

The trial will serve as a way for Egyptian citizens to vindicate the decades of oppression under Mubarak. Many activists have lauded the judicial process and hopes that justice is served for the hundreds of protesters killed during the demonstrations earlier this year.

"If he and his accomplices are in court, he becomes one of the people no different from anyone else facing justice," newspaper seller Nabil Hassan told the news provider. "I have faith in Egyptian judges."

Mubarak, along with former Interior Minister Habib el-Adly and several police officers, face the most serious charges. They are accused of murder in the suppression of the protestors, and if convicted they could all face the death penalty.