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Apple comes to TV with a cloud


Apple comes to TV with a cloud

Kelly MacNeil August 2, 2011

Apple's cloud service has technically been available for a few months, but there have been a series of hurdles for the company to clear so that users can find that the service provides them with a number of entertainment options. 

The music industry presented the first real challenge, but after what FoxNews.com calls "tough negotiations," Apple managed to convince record labels that the fact that people will now be able to stream their songs from anywhere is a good thing.

The television industry, which doesn't have the same fears of cyber piracy, recently agreed to the cloud service as well. All major TV providers signed with Apple, which means that customers who purchase shows through iTunes will now be able to store them in the cloud instead of on their hard drive. The website reports that this could boost the numbers of shows purchased, because storage won't be as much of a problem.

"Storage space locally was a significant barrier to purchase," a TV industry source told the news provider.

Apple TV, which has been a slow device to catch on, is sure to see growth after the agreement. TechCrunch.com calls it a "Trojan Horse" which will finally show its true value to consumers. If users decide to buy an episode of a show, now the cloud enables them to watch it from their iPad, iPhone, iPod and Apple TV device – whatever is most convenient.

"Apple has always made it easy for its users to spend money. Forget renting a TV show, Apple wants users to spend three times as much, but have access to it forever on all of their Apple devices. Sounds like a fair deal," according to the news source.