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New Amy Winehouse songs may be released


New Amy Winehouse songs may be released

Shannon Harris July 28, 2011

Less than a week after her untimely death, sources close to Amy Winehouse say that the troubled singer may have dozens of songs set for a posthumous release. The Guardian reports that a spokesman for her record label confirmed that she had put down the framework on a number of new tracks.

The songs would be the first for Winehouse since she released her critically acclaimed second album, Back to Black, in 2006. However, sources say that she had been in and out of the studio over the last several years.

"Amy had expressed an interest in getting back into the studio, and after some consultation everyone thought that would be a positive thing and a distraction from the other things she was dealing with," the spokesman told the news source. "She had put down the bare bones of tracks and some were further along than others."

While there may be some songs out there, getting them released could be a whole different story. Her parents would have to weigh in on whether or not they'd like the music to be made available, and it is still too early to consider a release date.

As for Winehouse, a cause of death may not be made available for several weeks. A postmortem revealed inconclusive results and police are awaiting toxicology results, which may open a window into what caused the 27-year-old singer's death.

Winehouse was found dead by her bodyguard on Saturday afternoon, and although many believe that she died as the result of an overdose due to her lengthy history of substance abuse, investigators say that speculating on such things isn't responsible and may not be true.