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Murdered Brooklyn boy given slew of drugs

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Murdered Brooklyn boy given slew of drugs

Jorge Hernandez July 21, 2011

The shocking case of an 8-year-old Brooklyn boy who was murdered after being abducted on his way home from day camp took a new turn on Thursday when a medical examiner said he was drugged before being smothered to death.

NBC New York reports that the findings were disclosed at the indictment of Levi Aron, who is suspected in the killing. Prosecutors allege that he gave the victim, Leiby Kletzky, a number of drugs including muscle relaxants, pain killers, Tylenol and schizophrenia medication. The dismembered body of Kletzky was found in a dumpster outside an autobody shop on July 13, and Aron was arrested later that day.

Aron, 35, is currently being held and is undergoing psychiatric evaluation at Bellevue Hospital. In a written confession he provided to New York police, he says that he kidnapped Kletzky and killed him after he panicked upon hearing the missing person report.

The case has been upsetting to local residents who are having trouble grasping why Aron committed such a heinous crime. It is especially harrowing given that Kletzky's mother was waiting for him just blocks away before he encountered Aron.

"It defies all logic and I think that's what's been so terribly disturbing about this case," police commissioner Ray Kelly told CBS affiliate WCBS. "There's absolutely no reason. There's nothing more innocent than an 8-year-old child and to be killed in this manner is just heart breaking,"

Aron was indicted on a total of eight different charges on Wednesday after pleading not guilty when he was arrested. His defense team has said that he has a history of psychological problems and sometimes hears voices.