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Facebook users seem to use the site begrudgingly


Facebook users seem to use the site begrudgingly

Kelly MacNeil July 19, 2011

Facebook has been in the spotlight for a number of innovations and successes – its rapid international popularity, suspected $100 billion IPO potential and new video chat feature have helped keep gossip about the site fresh. Some have even credited the social networking site in helping the revolutions in the Middle East, particularly in Egypt. 

The site boasts 750 million active users and reports that 50 percent of these individuals log into their accounts every day. On an average month, people spend about 700 billion minutes on Facebook.

But, apparently, that doesn't mean that they have a good image of the site itself.

The 2011 American Customer Satisfaction Index (AC SI) E-Business Report, which analyzed how users feel about different social media sites and search engines, found that Facebook had one of the lower scores, according to CNET.com

Overall, Wikipedia appeared to be the most well-liked site, with a score of 77. YouTube came in second at 74. Facebook placed lower in the rankings at 66. Some wonder whether the satisfaction among YouTube users – a site owned by Google – will translate to Google's newest service, Google+. If so, the new site could prove to be a worthy competitor to Facebook's dominance in the social networking realm.

Google also reigned supreme among search engines, with a score of 83. However, the relatively new site of Bing, Micrsoft's answer to Google's search, had a score of 82, marking nearly a 7-point increase in satisfaction since 2010.

Of course, views on Google+ have been mixed at best. The CEO of LinkedIn.com, the professional social networking site, recently expressed his doubts that the search giant could make a dent in social media, in part because no one had the "free time" to use the service, SlashGear.com reports.