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Uncertainty lies ahead for Casey Anthony


Uncertainty lies ahead for Casey Anthony

Adam Russett July 18, 2011

Finally free from jail three years after originally being charged in the disappearance of her daughter, Casey Anthony walked away a free woman on Sunday. Unfortunately for her, she met with very few positive responses. A crowd jeered at her, yelling comments like "killer" and "boycott blood money," according to The Christian Post

Charles Greene, one of Anthony's attorneys, told the publication that he had received seven threats from outraged protesters, many of whom are convinced that Anthony killed her two-year-old.

Anthony's safety has become a big concern, as the public sentiment weighs heavily against her. A helicopter followed her convoy to assure her safety after release. Most experts agree that Anthony will have to sink below the radar for a long while, particularly because of the violent threats issued by her detractors. Some speculate that she will have to change her name, appearance and location to live a normal life.

Even her lawyers are trying to find ways to outrun the media spotlight. Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, tried to get his client's parents to become "media decoys" to distract the cameras and news crews, according to ABC News.

"Last night we got a call from Mr. Baez … he had wanted to use my clients as decoys for the media and I, of course, did not agree with that and neither did my clients," Anthony's parent's attorney, Mark Lippman, told the news provider. "One, it was risky at best, and two, just in my opinion, something that would not be beneficial to anybody."

Anthony was taken by private plane to an undisclosed location.

A poll conducted by USA Today and Gallup found that two out of every three Americans believe that Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering her daughter.