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Amazon to launch tablet computer this fall


Amazon to launch tablet computer this fall

Kelly MacNeil July 14, 2011

In an effort to compete with the growing number of tablet computer on the market, Amazon.com is planning to release its own product later this year. According to The Wall Street Journal, the internet retail giant is set to introduce its answer to the iPad sometime in October.

The move seems like a logical one, especially given that Amazon offers a wide variety of digital content on its website, including movies and television shows. Now, consumers can purchase or rent the titles while on the go. Additionally, it will provide users with greater flexibility because as of now, Amazon's Kindle provides buyers only with the opportunity to read books.

Furthermore, some analysts believe that Amazons firmly planted roots in e-commerce will help them out when their new product launches.

"Mobility combined with online sales capability enables Amazon to be with the consumer at the time they want to purchase," Alvarez told Reuters. "Prior to mobile commerce, Amazon had to wait until you got in front of a computer."

As for specifics on the tablet, not much is known. The news provider reports that the it will likely carry a 9-inch screen and run on Google's Android operating system. Additionally, some say that consumers will be drawn to this new alternative if it happens to be cheaper than the iPad.

Despite the the optimism by some, other analysts believe it will be tough for Amazon to compete with the wildly popular iPad, which has proven to be a hit with consumers thanks in large part to the fact that it is intertwined with iTunes, so users can buy everything from e-books, to movies, to music all in one spot.