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Middle of the U.S. braces for more 100 degree heat

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Middle of the U.S. braces for more 100 degree heat

Jorge Hernandez July 12, 2011

A large chunk of the United States is mired in an intense heat wave, with temperatures in some locations expected to reach the 100 degree mark for at least the immediate future.

According to the Associated Press, the heat wave has hit much of the Midwest and the South, with Dallas and Oklahoma City expect to bear the brunt of it. Forecasters issued heat advisories in 17 states on Monday, and the move came after a weekend which saw some of the highest temperatures in recent memory.

In small-town Hutchinson, Kansas, for instance, thermometers peaked at 112 degrees on Sunday afternoon and only fell to a sweltering 103 degrees on Monday. The same could be said for Joplin, Missouri, still recovering from a late May tornado, where the mercury rose as high as 106 degrees over the weekend.

This isn't a particularly new development either, as Oklahoma City has endured 13 straight days of heat over 100 degrees, and according to weather.com is expected to push it to 14 later today with similar temperatures expected for the near future as well.

"It's breaking daily records, but when you're talking about a record string of days – we're not there yet," National Weather Service spokesman Chris Vaccaro told the AP. "We're in the midst of a heat wave that's not over yet."

Such high levels of heat are not just uncomfortable, but dangerous. According to the New York Times, the continuous heat has been caused by a high pressure system that has stalled over the middle part of the country. Additionally, the Midwest and South have been in the middle of a lengthy drought that has not helped matters.