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Twitter Town Hall goes smoothly for Obama


Twitter Town Hall goes smoothly for Obama

Adam Russett July 7, 2011

Despite efforts by Republican congressmen to thwart President Barack Obama's first ever Twitter Town Hall event, the unique question-and-answer session went off as planned on Wednesday.

According to The New York Times, although the questions had to fit in Twitter's 140-word format, that did not stop the president from giving detailed, lengthy answers. Most of the questions, which were submitted using the hasthtag #AskObama, were about the economy, including unemployment, the rising debt ceiling and budget cuts. Additionally, one user asked Obama about the housing market, to which he gave an unusually candid answer.

"Most of this is going to be a function of the market slowly improving as people start having confidence in the economy," Obama said. "Given the size of the housing market, no federal program is going to be able to solve the housing market."

Previously in the day, Republicans had been trying to flood the event with questions related to job growth and creation. Speaker of the House John Boehner urged his constituents to push the president on where the jobs are.

Though nothing particularly newsworthy or unexpected came from the event, The Huffington Post notes that it could give the President a significant bump in the run-up to the 2012 election.

In addition to giving Obama an hour of face time on both MSNBC and CNN, the event once again proved how social-media savvy he is, something which played a large role in him winning the election in 2008. It showed almost immediate returns, with Obama's Twitter account enjoying a 30,000 follower boost in the wake of the event, boosting its total to more than 9 million.


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