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Kate Middleton and Jane Austen are distant cousins

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Kate Middleton and Jane Austen are distant cousins

Jorge Hernandez June 30, 2011

It seems that the future Queen of England is a distant cousin of the queen of English fiction. Jane Austen and Kate Middleton are separated by 11 degrees, according to historians who spoke with People.com.

Anastasia Harman was the lead historian on the case and she said that the findings were very interesting.

"Finding this connection between the Duchess of Cambridge and Jane Austen is very exciting since, in many ways, Catherine is the modern Jane Austen heroine: a middle-class girl marrying the future King of England," Harman told the news source.

"Jane Austen may have written about happily-ever-after, but it seems Catherine has found a nonfiction hero to spend her life with – far past the epilogue," she added.

Jane Austen never married and her novels are not just simple love stories. The most famous novels, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, are about social class and interactions.

Kate Middleton was said to have been mocked in school for her family's middle class origins. This is not uncommon in Jane Austen books, where female characters often must undergo trials and heartaches in the realm of romance and society.

Jane Austen lived between 1775 and 1817. She wrote many pieces of juvenilia beginning in her early teens. Austen had the constant support of her family when it came to her writing, an important factor in her later success.