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Casey Anthony trial resumes after unexpected delay


Casey Anthony trial resumes after unexpected delay

Adam Russett June 27, 2011

In a trial that has been full of twists and turns since the opening days, the Casey Anthony case in Florida is moving forward again after recovering from the latest shockwave – a very unexpected and very mysterious recess. 

While the exact nature for the delay was unknown, most experts agree that it was a legal issue concerning a conflict between the defense team and prosecutors. Still, the motion hampered the trial by interfering with a day's worth of testimony on Saturday.

"Obviously it's big, and obviously it's troublesome and obviously it's something that can't be disclosed," HLN legal analyst Linda Kenney Baden told CNN.

Originally, the motion had made most major media outlets begin to speculate about a possible mistrial or plea deal, but it seems that the theories proved to be false. So far, prosecutors allege that Anthony, 25, used chloroform to make her 2-year-old daughter lose consciousness, applied duct tape to her mouth and nose, and placed her in the trunk before putting the body in the woods.

The defense team contests that the daughter, Caylee, drowned in the family pool and Anthony's father, George, covered it up in a panic. CNN reports that the legal complaint originated from the prosecutors, who claimed that chemistry expert Kenneth Furton testified about information that he hadn't given to them in an initial interview or his report.

While Furton was expected to talk about the decomposition odors and chloroform emanating from the car, he also mentioned alternatives for the smell.

The biggest weapon for prosecutors is the fact that Anthony didn't report that her daughter was missing until weeks and weeks had passed. In the mean time, Anthony seemed unconcerned for her Caylee's welfare, as photographs have showed her partying during the period.