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Facebook losing users for multiple reasons


Facebook losing users for multiple reasons

Kelly MacNeil June 21, 2011

Facebook is growing in some countries outside of North America and potentially has its sights set on major markets such as China. However, in the U.S., the giant social networking site is losing users for multiple reasons such as predictability and, ironically, a need for more social interaction that an online platform may not be able to provide, according to a new report from CNN.

In Utah, one man was interviewed who expressed a need for a more intimate form of contact and communication.

"My mom quit Facebook because she wanted us to call her on the phone and see her in person more. …It's working," the 29-year-old male from Utah told the news outlet.

According to one student, Kip Krieger from Virginia, another reason that Facebook is no longer as useful as it was before is because of predictability.

"It's really gotten to a point where I know pretty much what my friends are going to post. They usually just write the same thing over and over again, and I am getting sick of that," Krieger told the news source.

Some are not surprised by the news of Facebook potentially hitting a plateau in demand in the United States. According to Max Salzberg, an entrepreneur interviewed by CNN, Facebook is not in any way guaranteed to have a lasting power in its ability to hold on to people's online attentions. Salzberg likened Facebook's rise and possible decline to that of AOL.

Facebook, meanwhile has surpassed Yahoo in terms of ad revenue. Facebook's display-ad revenue will total $2.19 billion this year, with a user population of more than 500 million, according to the Boston Globe.