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Apple’s MobileMe to be replaced by iCloud


Apple’s MobileMe to be replaced by iCloud

Kelly MacNeil June 7, 2011

Steve Jobs' hotly anticipated announcement of Apple's iCloud service may have nettled a few select followers who feel that they have been left behind – MobileMe users.

The subscription-based program, which is being replaced by the iCloud, had a number of services that users found useful, like the Find My Phone feature, which could pinpoint the general location of an iPhone or similar device on a map. It also provided an address book, gallery, website storage, calendar and the use of website applications.

More than anything, it was a precursor to Apple's iCloud – a cloud storage service that was just a taste of the things to come. Now, Apple recently announced that MobileMe would effectively end in 2012. While users had to pay a subscription fee to use it, the iCloud cost free.

Some users are less than nostalgic when it comes to their MobileMe experience. After its splash onto the scene in 2008, constant problems seemed to follow it – from an email outage that lasted more than a week to slow connections, according to Computer World. Even Steve Jobs admitted on Monday when he introduced iCloud that it wasn't Apple's "finest hour."

The real issue that irks users is that the 20 gigabytes of data storage available on MobileMe won't be transferable to iCloud – and even if it was, the new service only offers 5 gigabytes. Users have also complained that they're paying for the cloud service that everyone will soon be using for free.

Apple's latest product may also force Mac users to buy new computers, because iCloud won't be compatible with older models.

Thus far, iCloud's most impressive features appear to be its ability to sync data with multiple devices. Whether one wants to work on a document from multiple computers or listen to a traveling version of iTunes, this could be a new step beyond streaming music services.