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Obamacare is “working”


Obamacare is “working”

Adam Russett May 24, 2011

Rich Unger recently highlighted some of the data provided by some of the largest American healthcare companies and concluded something that may have a few people raising their eyebrows – Obamacare is "working," he wrote in Forbes magazine

Unger pointed to the Affordable Healthcare Act, a major foundation of the law's revisions, as responsible for many of the changes. He also highlighted the fact that more uninsured people now have insurance, but many of them fall into the under-26 bracket, a group that rarely gets sick. Through the healthcare reform, they can now stay on their parent's insurance for longer – which also means that they will be paying into the system when they otherwise wouldn't, and not putting much of an extra burden on it in the process.

"Because the under 26 crowd tends not to get sick, adding them to the insurance pools helps bring the very balance that was intended by the new law. The more healthy people available to pay for those in the pool who are ill (translation- the older people), the better the system works and the lower our premium charges should go," Unger writes.

He also points out that health insurance companies made a record profit in the first quarter of 2011.

There have been countless critics of Obama's healthcare reform. One of the most notable was Sarah Palin, who stirred up a controversy referring to "death panels." She and other critics claimed that the government would be able to ration out treatments and older Americans would suffer the consequences. So far, there has been no proof to her claim.

Speaker of the House John Boehner famously called the passing of healthcare reform "armaggedon."