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Mother charged in 6-year-old boy’s death


Mother charged in 6-year-old boy’s death

Adam Russett May 19, 2011

This past Saturday, the body of Camden Hughes, 6, was found beside a remote road in South Berwick, Maine, and remained unidentified until Wednesday, as authorities scrambled for clues regarding the case. The death quickly made national headlines, and it was ruled a homicide by asphyxiation.

Now, as of Wednesday, the primary suspect in the case is Camden's mother, Julianne McCrery. A Texas native, she was stopped at a highway rest stop in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, after authorities tracked down her blue pick-up truck using tips from locals who had seen the vehicle leaving the scene, according to Reuters.

She was questioned at the Massachusetts State Police barracks in Concord, then sent to the hospital for medical evaluation. The Boston Globe reports that some speculate that McCrery is mentally unstable, because she has attempted suicide three times before – by inhaling carbon monoxide, overdosing on drugs and eating castor beans.

She told defense attorney George Murphy that she loved her son and now wanted to go to heaven to be with him. Murphy explained to the publication that his client is willing to go back to New Hampshire for a trial, where she will be charged with two counts of second-degree murder.

"I don't think she has much to hide," Murphy said. He added that she seemed mentally capable of going to trial.

Hughes' death captured the attention of national media due to its mysterious circumstances and has struck a chord among many. Dozens of Facebook groups have been set up in honor of his memory, with thousands of members giving their well-wishes and establishing a virtual memorial for him. Some have proposed creating legislation that would prevent future cases like this from happening.