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Kate’s royalty is sealed with a kiss

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Kate’s royalty is sealed with a kiss

Jorge Hernandez April 29, 2011

The hotly anticipated royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William took off without a hitch today and the newlyweds shared their love for each other in full uniform – William looked dashing in the bright crimson uniform of the colonel of the Irish Guards and Kate was dressed to perfection in a luxurious, white bridal dress. 

Kate will now be known as the Duchess of Cambridge, as Queen Elizabeth II conferred the title of the Duke of Cambridge to her grandson. William told Kate that she looked "incredible" and "beautiful" as they arrived at the High Altar, according to The Guardian.

The vows were a casual yet intimate affair. The Reverend Richard Charles read a prayer that was written by William and Kate that asked for spiritual guidance in their new life together.

The procession saw the couple whisked away in an old-fashioned, 1902 state landau that was led by a team of horses and flanked by guards who had also donned beautiful armor and uniforms for the occasion.

Once the procession ended in Buckingham Palace, William and Kate again appeared on the balcony and engaged in a chaste kiss to the cheering of the thousands who had gathered below. The crowd wasn't satisfied, though, and called for another kiss from the royal couple – a motion to which they promptly agreed.

The entire event was broadcast worldwide and was estimated to have millions of viewers and had a decidedly royal audience – 44 foreign nobles were seated with 51 members of the Queen's family.

Film director Guy Ritchie, singer Elton John and soccer player David Beckham were also in attendance, as well as British prime minister David Cameron.