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UIowa Professor in mass email: ‘F— you Republicans”

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UIowa Professor in mass email: ‘F— you Republicans”

Jorge Hernandez April 21, 2011

Ellen Lewin, a professor of anthropology at the University of Iowa, responded to a mass email from campus Republicans with the words "F— you, Republicans."

The original email from the College Republicans was promoting "Conservative Coming Out Week."

Lewin's email response was sent to the entire school community and the College GOP group is asking for a public apology.

Lewin explains her actions as follows, according to the Iowa Republican:

"I should note that several things in the original message were extremely offensive, nearly rising to the level of obscenity. Despite the Republicans’ general disdain for LGBT rights you called your upcoming event 'conservative coming out day,' appropriating the language of the LGBT right movement. …I do apologize for my intemperate language, but the message you all sent out was extremely disturbing and offensive."

According to the Chicago Tribune, the president of the University of Iowa has criticized "intolerant political speech" following the incident.

Professor Lewin also took offense to the original GOP email's tone concerning protesters in Wisconsin and animal rights causes.

The campus Republicans were planning an "Animal Rights BBQ" which Lewin found "extremely insensitive."

Other campus officials have chastised Lewin for her use of vulgarity, according to the Chicago Tribune.

"I have been sufficiently chastened by this incident that I can assure you it will not happen again. I am adept at cursing silently to myself (or to my dogs), a skill that is necessary these days when one reads the newspaper. I think I was in a particularly bad mood yesterday when that message came, but I will censor myself in future," wrote Lewin in a subsequent email.