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A new budget deal and an understanding?


A new budget deal and an understanding?

Adam Russett April 11, 2011

After a nail-biting standoff over the national budget that nearly caused a government shutdown, Speaker of the House John Boehner and President Obama appear to have finally reached an agreement and maybe even a new way of doing politics. 

Boehner said that he and the President "understand each other better" now that the deal has been reached.

"Throughout these meetings over the last four or five weeks we've been straight up with each other, and honest with each other," he told Bill Hemmer of Fox News.
"[We] certainly haven't always agreed, but it was a good process."

In fact, some are speculating that the negotiations may be the beginning of the end of the highly partisan politics that have been the trademark of the past few years. The Guardian suggests that the budget deal may represent a new era of open and tough political dealing.

However, the obstacles facing Democrats and Republicans are just beginning. This week, there will be talks about raising the $14.25 billion debt ceiling. Many freshmen Republicans were elected by Tea Partiers who are stiffly opposed to anything that worsens the country's fiscal situation, but Boehner hinted to Fox News that Republicans may be willing to continue with the raising of the ceiling as long as there underlying problems would still be addressed.

"I think not raising the debt limit would have serious, very serious implications for the world-wide economy and jobs here in America," he said.

In his op-ed in USA Today, Boehner wrote that Republicans would also be pushing through House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's plan, The Path to Prosperity. The budget proposal would save $4.4 trillion for the country through massive cuts, but has come under fire from some who claim that the money saved would be inconsequential because the tax rates would be lowered for the wealthy, which would cost the U.S. more than $4 trillion over the next 10 years, according to Rolling Stone.