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UConn wins over Butler in low-scoring title game


UConn wins over Butler in low-scoring title game

Derrick Johnson April 5, 2011

The University of Connecticut Huskies won against the Butler Bulldogs for a third NCAA championship, in the lowest-scoring title game since 1949.

Connecticut had 53 points in the end to Butler's 41, with the NCAA champions scoring 34.5 percent, according to the Los Angeles Times. No team has won a championship on numbers like these since Kentucky scored a record-low 46 points in 1949 against Oklahoma State.

In one LA Times report, the match was called "an ugly NCAA title game."

The Bulldogs shot 18.8 percent and at one point took 40 minutes to make three two-pointers.

"They just weren't going in," said Matt Howard, a senior at Butler.

Kemba Walker was named most outstanding player in the Final Four and Jim Calhoun, the coach for the Huskies, received his third national title, cutting down the net in celebration after the game.

"I feel like I'm dreaming," said Walker, according to a separate LA Times report. Walker scored 16 points.

The Huskies, who trailed at half-time, came back and scored 41.7 percent in the second half. The team went on a 25-5 run and clinched the national title.

Some speculate that coach Calhoun may retire after this season, having now joined the ranks of only four other coaches with at least three NCAA championship titles.

Former UCLA coach John Wooden had a record 10 NCAA titles, Duke's Mike Krzyzewski has 4, former Kentucky coach Adolph Rupp has 4 and former Indiana coach Bob Knight has 3, according to Sports Illustrated.

The Butler Bulldogs were a true underdog story until the disappointing loss in the finals.

Butler was ranked number 8 and Connecticut ranked number 3. The New York Times had previously placed Butler's odds of making the Final Four at 37 to 1.