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Obama becomes first candidate in 2012 elections


Obama becomes first candidate in 2012 elections

Adam Russett April 4, 2011

Monday morning, President Obama became the first confirmed candidate of the 2012 Presidential Elections when he formally announced that he would be seeking re-election through an email and a web video, according to The Washington Post

Many speculate that Obama wanted to start the campaign as early as possible, because a longer time frame allows him to raise more money for what is expected to be a heated and intense election battle.

The Republicans have used the opportunity to criticize the President for focusing on politics instead of the wide ranges of issues at hand, including the national debt, continuing unemployment and the conflict in Libya. In the wake of these events, The Republican National Committee has recently asked whether vacations, golf and White House parties should really be the top priority for the commander in chief.

"The greatest advantage for him is logistical. When you start raising money in April rather than October, you can raise more money," Dan Schnur, a former adviser to Senator John McCain, told The Washington Post. "The potential downside is it's hard for him to draw a contrast with the opposition and excite Democrats, because there is not an alternative on the other side."

It remains to be seen how the public will react to the possibility of Obama's second term. His approval rating was found to be hovering around 51 percent by a recent Washington Post-ABC News Poll, which indicates that he has a strong chance of winning the re-election but still runs the risk of falling out of favor.

Republicans have been hesitant to field any candidates of their own, and some speculate that the GOP may be trying to coordinate its efforts against President Obama before any candidates step forward.