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Gray weather doesn’t mean gray spirits on baseball’s opening day


Gray weather doesn’t mean gray spirits on baseball’s opening day

Derrick Johnson March 31, 2011

After a long and dreary winter, America's favorite past-time is finally back. Six games will open the season on Thursday. The temperature may be less than ideal – The Sun-Sentinel reports that there will be rain and flurries of snow in Washington, New York and Kansas City – but players won't let this dampen their sense of humor.

"I love it. I love the weather," Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips said with a hint of sarcasm, the news source reports. "The weather is beautiful."

The Washington Nationals had to retreat back inside and end their outdoor practice early due to the inclement weather. Some players seem to be a little more indifferent towards the unfavorable conditions.

"We'll show up ready to play. And if we don't, we'll play Friday. We have that off-day leeway, so that's smart," Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman told the news provider. "We knew it was going to be a little chilly – coming from Florida, we won't be used to it. But we'll be so excited to play, I don't think it'll matter."

Fans certainly aren't put off by the weather, either. In fact, San Francisco Giant diehards are probably too busy getting ready for the unfurling of what may be a new kind of team flag – a 75-by-50 foot banner that reads "Beat L.A." that will be flown over Dodger Stadium, according to The San Francisco Examiner.

The project started two months ago when an online group, Faithful Supporters of the World Champion San Francisco Giants, pitched the idea. The movement gained a lot of momentum in a short period of time, raising more than $8,000 for the cause.

One of the other hotly anticipated games will be taking place between The Yankees and Tigers, who will be playing at Yankee Stadium.