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Top basketball player at BYU suspended for premarital sex


Top basketball player at BYU suspended for premarital sex

Derrick Johnson March 4, 2011

Brigham Young University (BYU) is a private Mormon university in Provo, Utah, which has just suspended one of its top basketball players, sophomore Brandon Davies, due to his violation of the school honor code prohibiting premarital sex, according to the Washington Post.

BYU is ranked number three in U.S. college basketball and the loss of Brandon Davies means that the school will have little to no chance of becoming the number one seed in the NCAA tournament.

Davies, who has been suspended for the season, is said to be feeling very remorseful and has apologized to his teammates, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

“Everyone makes mistakes in their life. We are reaching out and trying to help him get through this," Charles Abouo, a fellow BYU player, told the news source.

Reno Mahe, a former BYU star football player, who was suspended in 1998, also for an honor code violation, had the following comments.

"I've always shared this with people, that it was probably one of the best things that had happened to me. I appreciate what BYU did to me. …You get a lot of schools that say they have codes, but I don't think anyone enforces it like BYU does…. It's a great school. It's a one-of-a-kind school," said Reno Mahe, according to the Desert News.

Mahe returned to BYU after his suspension and went on to play for the NFL.

BYU's honor code, for which Davies violated the second rule, lists the following things – "Be honest; live a chaste and virtuous life; obey the law and all campus policies; use clean language; respect others; abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee, and substance abuse; participate regularly in church services; observe the dress and grooming standards; encourage others in their commitment to comply with the Honor Code," according to a separate Washington Post article.