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Tara Reid drops hint of The Big Lebowski sequel


Tara Reid drops hint of The Big Lebowski sequel

Shannon Harris February 2, 2011

For years, fans of the classic cult film The Big Lebowski have been hoping for a follow up, and if rumors are true, it appears as though the actors of the film will abide. At a recent red carpet event, Tara Reid, who had a supporting role in the original, said that the entire cast of the 1998 classic will be returning for the sequel, CNN.com reports.

This is the first such confirmation of rumors that have been floating around for years. Most recently, John Turturro, who played the small-but-memorable role of Jesus Quintana, said that he hopes to make a sequel. Additionally, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Julianne Moore have also allegedly been approached for filming.

While the supporting cast has dropped hints, The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges, has yet to say anything on the subject. Bridges, who worked with Lebowski directors Joel and Ethan Coen on the Oscar-nominated western True Grit, told MTV News over the summer that no such plans were in the works.

"We talked about it occasionally [while making 'True Grit'], but no plans man, no plans," the Tron: Legacy star told the news source. "No, no, no, I don't think it's gonna happen."

The Big Lebowski has emerged as one of the most popular cult films in the last 20 years. Despite not performing well at the box office, the film earned a considerable following in the years after its release. The Coen brothers have become two of the pre-eminent directors in Hollywood, earning Best Picture nods for three of their last four films. The flick has even spawned The Lebowski Fest – a widely attended annual event that brings together the movie's biggest fans.