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Sony unveils NGP, follow up to PSP gaming device


Sony unveils NGP, follow up to PSP gaming device

Kelly MacNeil January 27, 2011

After months of speculation as to what its latest portable gaming system would offer, Sony unveiled their latest version of the Playstation Portabale (PSP) on Thursday. The device, codenamed NGP, for Next Generation Portable, includes a number of innovative additions aimed at making the gaming experience easier and more connected, Sony announced on its blog.

Perhaps the most anticipated change compared is the device's two analog joysticks. The company claims that this is the first system to include such a feature. While its look is similar to other models in Playstation's past, the device has a slue of modern updates that will likely change the experience of playing games.

What sets the NGP apart from other competitors is its unique use of three motion sensors, gyroscope, accelerator and electronic compass. In contrast to other portable gaming systems, this device recognizes when the users makes subtle changes in the orientation of the system, which are then reflected in the game itself.

Among the touted benefits is the aid of 3G connectivity in addition to the already established Wi-Fi. This will give users a much more enhanced and seamless way to play games online. The NGP also features a new application called Near, which allows users to see what other gamers in the area are playing and provide links so that one can buy the same title.

In addition to the improved gameplay, the aesthetics will be a step up as well. Instead of cumbersome cartridges, Sony said that titles will be on small flash-based memory cards. The NGP is expected to hit shelves in late 2011, likely in time for the holiday season.