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Rioting students attack Prince Charles’ car over tuition hike

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Rioting students attack Prince Charles’ car over tuition hike

Jorge Hernandez December 10, 2010

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker Bowles were caught in a mob of rioting university students on Thursday as their Rolls Royce took a beating from the crowd, which was angered over the narrowly passed vote to triple tuition in England.

The demonstrators shattered a window and threw paint onto the car in what the Associated Free Press calls one of "London's most violent riots for years" and former royal police officer Charles Shoebridge says "ranks amongst the most serious security breaches of the past decade," reports the news source.

The uprising began when the House of Commons passed the bill by a margin of 21 votes, after which the gathering escalated into a mob that numbered in the thousands and eventually aimed to come down on the finance ministry.

The bill, which lawmakers voted on by a 323-302 vote, would raise the tuition cap from 3,000 to 9,000 pounds a year, the equivalent of a $10,000 a year increase, though it still awaits the approval of the queen and the House of Lords, according to CNN.com.

Students, many of whom said they would no longer be able to afford a university education, were outraged at the measure, which was taken as part of an effort to lower the national deficit.

Prime Minister David Cameron says he intends to punish the mob. "We want to learn the lessons from that but, above all, we want to make sure that the people who behaved in these appalling ways feel the full force of the law of the land," Cameron told the AFP.

According to the news source, Scotland Yard chief Sir Paul Stephenson said that the police "showed very real restraint" by not using their weapons. They arrested 34 people. At least 43 protesters and 12 police were injured.


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