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Blekko search engine designed to eliminate spam


Blekko search engine designed to eliminate spam

Kelly MacNeil November 1, 2010

A new search engine called Blekko designed to weed out spam from search results with the help of public participation will launch today.

The Silicon Valley company claims that the internet has become saturated with spam, displaying content full of marketing pitches instead of substantive information, reports Reuters. Blekko's search findings will only show results from trustworthy websites and eliminate unrelated websites.

Popular search engines such as Google and Microsoft's Bing use algorithms developed by engineers to find information from the pool of online data. Blekko has added what it calls a "human touch" to its functionality to help users narrow their search results.

Rich Skrenta, Blekko's chief executive, told Reuters that Blekko narrows searches to groups of websites that people, not computers pre-approve. The search engine comes with an added auto-fire functionality that enables users to add slash-tags – a list of sites for a given topic – for queries that fall into one seven categories: health, colleges, autos, personal finance, lyrics, recipes and hotels, according to CNN. When a query is determined to be in one of these categories, Blekko appends results accordingly.

The web search engine will also allow users to create their own personal directories, according to Reuters.

Blekko is impressively backed by high-profile investors such as Mar Andreessen, creator of the first web browser and Ron Conway, who has invested in tech companies including Twitter, Foursquare and Google, according to PC Magazine.

Over the past few years, a plethora of companies such as Cuil, Powerset, and RedZ have tried to build a better search engine than Google and have failed, according to CNet News.

So far, user interest appears encouraging. Since the beginning of its beta period, 11.5 percent of users started using Blekko at least once a week, according to TechCrunch.com.