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Apple files lawsuit against Motorola for patent infringement


Apple files lawsuit against Motorola for patent infringement

Kelly MacNeil November 1, 2010

As Apple experiences growing competition in the smartphone universe from products such as the Blackberry and Android, the technology giant filed a lawsuit against Motorola over the weekend, claiming the company violated Apple's patents when it released the highly successful Droid. The Inquirer reports that court documents show Apple claiming they have patents on smartphones and any associated software including operating systems and user interfaces.

Experts say that while the suit is field against Motorola, it is likely that it could apply to any other competitor with a similar device. Depending on the outcome, it could mean that Apple could effectively corner the market on smartphones.

While Apple's lawsuit is the latest, it is certainly not the only legal action taken by the two companies over the last several months. In addition to its action taken against Motorola, Apple also has lawsuits pending against HTC and Nokia.

Although Apple may have taken a strong stance against their competitor, earlier in October, Motorola asked a federal judge to invalidate Apple patents. Critics are saying that Apple's claims to the patents may not be credible because their interpretation is incredibly vague.

"Motorola has a leading intellectual-property portfolio, one of the strongest in the industry, and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves in this matter," the company said in a statement. "We are confident in our position and will pursue our litigation to halt Apple's continued infringement."

Industry experts at Wired say that with such a complicated legal landscape, it is unlikely that either company will come out on top. The publication predicts that it will eventually be settled by the companies signing licensing agreements outside of the legal setting.