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TSA to implement more invasive pat-down procedure

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TSA to implement more invasive pat-down procedure

Jorge Hernandez October 29, 2010

Beginning on Monday, travelers at airports will have to submit to a new pat down procedure that some say goes a little too far. The Associated Press reports that the Transportation Safety Administration has changed the traditional pat down to a hand-sliding motion.

Although the new method raises some concerns, officials stress that the more invasive techniques will be performed sparingly. Security guards will only search members of the same sex. Pat-downs have been used in the past after a passenger has set off a metal detector, if imaging technology identifies something on their person or if they refuse any electronic screening methods.

"Passengers should continue to expect an unpredictable mix of security layers that include explosives trace detection, advanced imaging technology, canine teams, among others," TSA spokeswoman Kristin Lee told the news source.

While the TSA defends their tactics, other passengers are not quite as excited about the change in policy. In some airports, the change has already started, as CNN employee Rosemary Fitzpatrick told her employers that she was taken aside after her underwire bra set off a metal detector. She was subjected to the the hand-sliding inspection and felt that it crossed the line, prompting her to write a strongly worded letter to the agency.

"I am appalled and disgusted at the new search procedures and the fact that passengers have not been made aware of the new invasive steps prior to entering the security area," she wrote, according to CNN.

Also starting on November 1 is another measure that makes it necessary for passengers to provide a long list of personal data when booking a flight. Airlines will need to collect full name, date of birth, gender and Redress Number.



  1. Rwolf October 25, 2011

    Is TSA headed toward shutting down Americans’
    Right To Travel Freely in their own Country

    The Nazi Military and Police constantly harassed, searched and delayed German travelers labeled politically undesirable at—roadway checkpoints, boarding trains and at bus stops: repeatedly stopped Germans lost their jobs because they were late to work. Lawful Germans were placed on (Nazi do not hire lists) similar to U.S. Homeland Security, security lists, started in 2010. One can’t help wonder if today’s outspoken Americans that defend the Constitution, e.g., writers and bloggers will be deemed combatants by U.S. Government; constantly stopped, searched, and questioned by TSA at checkpoints without warrants, forced to endure repeated X-ray scans damaging their health. It is foreseeable that many Americans could be intimidated by TSA from traveling.

    One can only guess how much radiation is transmitted into the bodies of individuals U.S. Government and police repeatedly scan without public oversight. The Obama government recently ordered 500 backscatter X-ray vans which Government and Police will use without warrants, to scan Citizens’ vehicles; to covertly scan persons of interests on the street, inside their home—exposing Americans and their families to radiation or microwave transmissions. Corrupt government personnel and police can too easily use deep penetrating scanners to overexpose targeted Americans, causing cancer and other health problems, in affect slow assassination. It is problematic federal personnel and an increasing number militarized local police will install U.S. Mid East warfare X-ray and other scanner technology on helicopters to penetrate Americans’ homes.

    TSA recently refused to provide comprehensive information regarding testing of TSA backscatter x-ray scanners at airports to determine if Citizens, especially (frequent flyers) could be physically harmed, e.g. sustain organ damage. It should be noted Pilot unions were quick to refuse constant TSA scanning at airports. Major media reported that TSA’s x-ray scanners at airports are10-times stronger that what TSA told the Public.