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Obama appears on The Daily Show days before election


Obama appears on The Daily Show days before election

Adam Russett October 28, 2010

President Barack Obama rode the support of younger voters to capture the presidency in a historic victory nearly two years ago. With the Democrats on the verge of losing control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate in next week's mid-term elections, Obama reached out to those young voters on Wednesday night when he became the first sitting president to ever appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Though primarily known for being a comedian and social commentator, Stewart's discussion with Obama focused mainly on his policy and the Democrat's chances leading up to the November 2 election. However, although he is an Obama supporter, Stewart did not let the 44th president off the hook without some criticism.

Perhaps Stewart's harshest assessment was that the vigor of his 2008 campaign does not seem to be reflected in his legislative record – primarily healthcare reform – but Obama had a substantive response.

"This notion that healthcare was timid, you've got 30 million people who will get healthcare because of this," Obama told the talk show host. "This is what, I think, most people would say is as significant piece of legislation we've seen in this country's history. But what happens is it gets discounted because the presumption is because we didn't get 100 percent of what we wanted."

In advance of Obama's appearance on the popular show, many critics suggested it was inappropriate for a sitting president to appear on such a medium. The interview may have proved them wrong, however, as Stewart traded in the jokes, sketches and other requisite areas of his show for a lengthy discussion.

The interview comes just three days before the planned Rally to Restore Sanity, an event organized by Stewart and Stephen Colbert as a foil to the Glenn Beck-run Rally to Restore Honor earlier this year.