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Jobs takes jabs at competitors, touts strength of iPad


Jobs takes jabs at competitors, touts strength of iPad

Kelly MacNeil October 19, 2010

Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently did something he hasn’t done in nearly two years. The technology tycoon made a surprise appearance on company sales calls, and assured investors that the iPad is the most popular such product on the market. While he mainly aimed to promote Apple’s products, he also used the opportunity to discredit their main competitors. Fox News reports that Jobs took several jabs at Google and Blackberry maker Research in Motion, and their answers to the iPad.

Jobs pointed out that the iPhone has outsold the Blackberry in recent months, and also took shots at Google’s Android for it’s operating system. Although some have criticized the iPad for being too large and overly expensive, Jobs assured those on the call that the smaller 7-inch tablets are not nearly big enough, and consumers will know the difference.

“The current crop of 7-inch tablets are going to be DOA, dead on arrival,” Jobs told analysts on the conference call. “Their manufacturers will learn the painful lesson that their tablets are too small.”

Google and Research in Motion did not formally comment on Jobs’ statements, but the head of Android development, Andy Rubin, took to Twitter to defend the smartphone’s operating system, saying that it is much more flexible than Jobs claimed.

While some may think that Jobs is exaggerating the impact and technological prowess of the iPad, industry experts seem to agree with him. According to the news source, the research group iSuppli estimates that the company will sell well over 43 million units of the device next year.

The iPad was released April 3, and although it has performed well since it has been available to the public, it’s sales are expected to increase as it spreads to other countries as well as stores like Wal-Mart.