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O’Donnell in first campaign ad: “I’m not a witch”


O’Donnell in first campaign ad: “I’m not a witch”

Derrick Johnson October 5, 2010

Christine O’Donnell made headlines last month when a string of bizarre statements she made in the past came to light. On Monday, the Republican candidate for the Senate in Delaware addressed some of the controversy in a blunt, and sometimes bizarre, campaign ad.

O’Donnell begins by telling the viewer, “I am not a witch,” in an effort to quell some of the uproar over a clip shown from a 1999 episode of the Bill Mahr-led show Politically Incorrect in which she admitted that she “dabbled into witchcraft.” From there, a smiling O’Donnell assuring the audience that she is “nothing you have heard” and that “I’m you.”

While she may have been trying to distance herself from the unflattering picture painted of her in the press after she called evolution a myth and expressed her views on homosexuality, the Associated Press reports the ad may have done little to close the double digit gap she faces in the polls.

Current surveys have shown that O’Donnell is trailing Democrat Chris Coons by 15 points, and with less than a month until election day on November 2, that may be a difficult gap to close. Coons’ campaign says that the ad lacks substance and does not provide voters with anything tangible

“It’s surprising that Ms. O’Donnell, in her first television commercial, offers no solutions to the problems facing working families,” Coons campaign spokesman Daniel McElhatton told the organization. “There’s no ideas here, there’s no plan.”

O’Donnell jumped into the national spotlight after she rode an endorsement from former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, to a surprise victory over former Delware Governer Michael Castle in the Republican primary, and her victory has heralded as a success by many in the Tea Party movement.