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North Korea releases picture of Kim Jong-Un for the first time

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North Korea releases picture of Kim Jong-Un for the first time

Derrick Johnson October 1, 2010

The world got a glimpse of the apparent heir to North Korea after the country released for the first time a picture of Kim Jong-Il's son, Kim Jong-Un.

Governments, as well as the online community, took notice of the surprising revelation with some commenting that it may be a way for the country to show Jong-Il's son is more than able to take over if the worst should happen to the ailing North Korean leader.

The picture was taken during a meeting of the ruling Worker's Party in Pyongyang on September 28, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

Jong-Il reportedly wore a dark blue Mao suit and was flanked by two older generals with his father seated two people away.

The Monitor reported that the photo was released on September 30 and was "promptly displayed on television and in newspapers in South Korea as proof positive that the young man…is definitely on the fast track to the job" of leading communist North Korea.

The reaction to the picture spanned the globe with some talking about the political ramifications of a new leader in North Korea to more pedantic musings on the younger Kim's appearance.

The New York Times commented that Jong-Il resembled his grandfather, Kim Il-Sung who had founded the country, as opposed to his father.

Evans J.R. Revere told the Times that there had been reports the younger Kim had been "given a lower-level position in the National Defense Commission" and that he expected there have been "similar efforts to expose him to the government, military and party decision-making process over the past two years."

Posts on the internet from South Korean users took a decidedly different approach to the picture. According to the AFP, one commenter wrote "North Korean residents are all starving to death, but what did they eat to get so fat like that?"