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BMW recalls 350,000 luxury cars globally for possible break issues

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BMW recalls 350,000 luxury cars globally for possible break issues

Derrick Johnson October 1, 2010

Luxury car manufacturer BMW has issued a recall for approximately 350,000 of its cars, including certain Rolls Royce models.

The recall will affect V8 and V12-powered BMW 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series and Rolls Royce vehicles that were made between July 2001 and November 2009.

The issue that sparked the recall revolves around possible break problems with the affected vehicles, according to a company spokesman who spoke to ABC News.

"In some cars brake fluid has leaked into the hydraulics, preventing pressure from building up," the spokesman told the news provider. "The customer notices this since he needs to apply more pressure to the brake, but the brakes still work."

The Associated Press reported that about 200,000 BMWs in the U.S. may be affected by today's recall.

The company told the AP that it would be up to a country's headquarters to decide the kind of appropriate response for their market.

Rolls-Royce chairman and BMW executive Ian Robertson told the BBC that the firm was taking the issues "very seriously" and that the company is "resolving the situation quickly."

"I think we're behaving in a way that people would expect of a premium brand," Robertson said to the BBC.

The BBC also reported that the problem was uncovered through a "routine vehicle servicing" and that the recall was "entirely voluntary."

As of this writing, there have been no reported accidents involving the affected vehicles regarding the braking system.

Earlier this year Toyota issued a similar recall affecting approximately 350,000 of their vehicles due to a braking problem. and has spent much of the year repairing its image from that incident.

UK paper Marketing Week made the observation that the BMW recall was happening just as Toyota was regaining some of its lost sales.