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Sylvia Weinstock guest judges on Top Chef: Just Desserts


Sylvia Weinstock guest judges on Top Chef: Just Desserts

admin September 30, 2010

Last night the culinary contestants on Bravo's Top Chef: Just Desserts had to win over Sylvia Weinstock, a well-known designer of wedding cakes who has been described as cake design royalty by some.

The show is a spin-off of the Emmy-award winning series Top Chef and is in its first season. While the format is essentially the same (putting chefs through various culinary challenges), some online reviewers commented on how frantic the early episodes have been for the new series.

Case in point is the recent one where the chefs were asked to construct and build a wedding cake in an hour and a half, a task that irked most of the contestants. To add to the stress, Weinstock was brought in as a guest judge.

Entertainment Weekly commented that normally a wedding cake takes "days, if not weeks" to make and to ask the chefs to do it in less than two hours was "madness."

Zac, one of the contestants on the show, reacted to the Quickfire challenge with the comment "Are you snorting buttercream?"

Seth appeared to be the most affected by the challenge and outwardly admitted on camera that he had never made a wedding cake before. Instead, he created his own version of a wedding cake and deemed it "The Engagement Cake."

Others like Malika gave the task an honest try, but experienced mishaps such as the cake being too soft, the icing being too warm and a fellow competitor calling her "shaky." Later on the episode, Malika wondered out loud if she was "really cut out" for the competition.

The winner of the Quickfire competition was Erica for her mocha explosion creation, despite Weinstock describing Morgan's Italian cream cake and Heather H.'s lemon and orange zest buttercream as "lovely."

"Top Chef," which is the original series and recently started its 8th season, won an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Reality-Competition Program category, upsetting "The Amazing Race," which has won the award seven years in a row.