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Nintendo’s 3DS to come to U.S. in March 2011


Nintendo’s 3DS to come to U.S. in March 2011

admin September 29, 2010

Gamers who were anticipating the new Nintendo DS system with a 3D screen for the holiday season will have to deal with some disappointment.

Nintendo announced that its much-hyped 3DS, the first portable gaming device that will sport a 3D screen, will not hit the market till early 2011.

The system, which is an update to its popular DS line, will first go on sale in Japan on February 26. The announcement was made by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata at a news conference in Chiba, Japan. It will then be released in Europe, Australia and the U.S. in March, with the actual date to be announced at a later date.

Iwata also announced that the 3DS would sell in Japan for 25,000 yen, which is equivalent to $298 US.

Users will also be able to use the 3DS as a camera and, if they take a photo of themselves, the device will automatically convert the image to a Mii, which is a personalized Nintendo avatar similar to the ones found on the Wii console.

However, perhaps the biggest reason the device has received so much attention this year is the fact that it can produce 3D images from the screen without the use of 3D glasses. After it was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), reports indicated that users would have to hold the device a certain way and at a certain distance in order to gain the 3D effect.

While it may be a disappointment for some who won't be able to get their hands on the new device by the end of the year, the buzz surrounding the 3DS remains strong. Earlier this year the 3DS was named as one of the best innovations at E3, according to CNN.com