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Sarah Palin in DWTS audience to support daughter Bristol


Sarah Palin in DWTS audience to support daughter Bristol

admin September 28, 2010

Fans of the show "Dancing with the Stars" got an extra dose of celebrity Monday night when former Alaskan governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was spotted in the audience to cheer on her daughter, Bristol.

The 19-year-old daughter of the politician is currently competing on the 11th season of ABC's hit show, which sees celebrities coupled with professional dancers and judged on their dancing prowess.

Bristol, who has been partnered with Mark Ballas, recently danced the quick-step to the song "You Can't Hurry Love" by Diana Ross and the Supremes on Monday night's episode, marking the teenager's second performance.

After Bristol finished dancing to the song known for the lyric "Mama said/ You can't hurry love/ You just have to wait," cameras revealed that Sarah Palin was in the audience along with her younger daughter Piper.

"I looked over and saw both our moms sitting together," Bristol told People magazine, referring to Ballas' mom being in the audience as well. "It was comforting."

Bristol also added that seeing her mom during the show was her "security blanket."

However, a minor controversy sparked earlier this morning when some online commentators wondered if Sarah Palin had been booed on the show.

The Los Angeles Times' entertainment blog reported that the boos that were heard during the show were for the judges, and not directed at the well-known politician who has become one of the symbols of the Tea Party movement.

Bristol became a national figure during the 2008 presidential election after her mom was picked by Senator John McCain to be his running mate on the Republican ticket. Later on in the campaign, it was revealed that Bristol was pregnant at the age of 17.