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Jury Picked for Karen Sypher Extortion of Rick Pitino Trial


Jury Picked for Karen Sypher Extortion of Rick Pitino Trial

Tyler July 28, 2010

Karen Sypher has been charged with attempting to extort money and high priced items from Rick Pitino, coach of the University of Louisville Cardinals basketball team. Karen was allegedly extorting Rick upon the threat of release information about a sexual encounter they allegedly had after hours in a Louisville restaurant. Pitino admitted to a brief sexual encounter with Sypher but retaliated with the extortion lawsuit.

The mostly white jury was picked today. Ten of the twelve jury members are white while two are black. Sypher is pleading not guilty claiming that she was sexually assaulted by Pitino. The owner of the restaurant is backing Pitino’s story.

Rick received several threatening phone calls from stating that the encounter he had with Sypher would be made public unless certain demands were made.

Photos of Karen Sypher have been a hot item for the press. Most want to get a look at what type of women would want to sleep with Pitino. In most of Karen Sypher’s photos she appears to be laughing and pleased with the fact that she is getting attention.

At one point in the ordeal Sypher claimed that she was pregnant. Pitino stated that he didn’t believe the child was his but gave Sypher $3000 for psychiatric help. Sypher claims she had an abortion with the money. Sypher claims Pitino raped her.

Syphor has a checkered past of trying to pressure people for money and sexually manipulation. Pitino stands behind his statement that he would never cause harm to a women.

Both Rick and Karen have children with their spouses. Tim Sypher, Karen’s husband work’s for Pitino as an equipment manager for the Louisville Cardinals.

Karen stands trial this week for allegedly attempting to extort Rick for $10,000,000 initially and later lowering it to $5,000,000. The outcome will surely be big news since the build up over the previous months has been so well documented by the media.



  1. UofL Fan August 4, 2010

    Ms. Sypher is a well documented HO. It has been shown that she routinely exchanged oral sex for favors including cups of coffee – yes, cups of coffee at a local coffee shop. So to think that the sex with Pitino was not consesual is a hard sell.